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About Vee

Meet Vee The NP

Board Certified FNP | Healthcare Expert | Industry Disruptor

A tenured healthcare entrepreneur, Veronica Smith Southerland, also known as Vee The NP, has dedicated her career to raising up the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs. She has watched businesses grow, fail, and grow again.

Her mission is to empower and embolden healthcare professionals to think outside of their 12, 14, and 16- hour shifts and into fulfilling their professional calling of serving others as well as their personal desire to be financially independent and emotionally secure. Vee creates space and opportunities for minorities in healthcare. It’s with the vision, she can serve both the healthcare provider and patient. Vee The NP opens minds to the seemingly impossible and teaches how to make the opportunity you want possible, profitable, and powerful.

Healthcare goes beyond the States and into the global world for Vee. Through her relationships throughout the world, her work has impacted millions. Yet, her personal passion has always been for nurses. Vee The NP is driven by a desire to create opportunities through enlightenment, education, and empowerment. Her passion and drive mixed with Veronica’s swagger and knowledge enable her to be a healthcare entrepreneur star. It’s this star power that has led Vee to be a CEO, speaker, mentor, and author ready and available to impact the next generation of millionaire nurses.

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Vee continues to grow her network through trainings, live and online events, and business development. If you’re ready to begin your journey into healthcare entrepreneurship, then visit Vee’s booking page by clicking here.